Jewellery / Juveloj

Jewellery / Juveloj

Modern glass jewellery for women. Each piece is unique.

Fusing and tack-fusing techniques were used and the pieces were baked at 815 C or 770 C in an electronically programmable oven or by flame (lampwork) and were chilled in the oven. 

The metallic accessories are nickel-free. They can also be ordered with silver accessories. If you prefer a silver set, please contact me before ordering. 

Among the pendants and rings you can also find some variable Sunset-system models. For these pieces it is necessary to buy a base (check out Accessories). The Sunset-system jewellery items are in a separate section. 

Many of the pieces shown are combinable, and also the items of the sets can be bought separately. If  that’s what you would like, please contact me before ordering.

To find what you are looking for quickly, we suggest you use the search function. You can search by colours, types, shapes etc.

Gift wrapping: you can buy the jewels in elegant leather-wooden or carton boxes. Check them out in Accessories.

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