Welcome to my online shop. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for unique pieces of glass art. The products are the result of an enthusiastic hobby activity that started taking over all the available space in my house and is in search of a loving home..

My name is Katalin Kováts, I am a Hungarian linguist who lives in the Netherlands. I work mainly from home, I train teachers and I create teaching materials for the international language, Esperanto.

A short time ago I had the chance to make an old dream come true and I started dealing with glass art. After taking some half-day-long mini courses from different artists and artisans, I started developing my own style in a self-taught way, experimenting with different materials, shapes, colours and techniques. All of the products are like my children, very close to my heart, but because of lack of room in my home, and the need to continue

my activity, I have to sell many of them.

Come and have a look: you might find something that catches your eye. I welcome anycomments, advice or encouragement.

Yours, Katalin